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  • The Babysitter's Seduction (1996) (TV)

    [1 article]

    aka Il fascino dell'inganno (1996) (TV)

    aka Teuflische Versuchung (1996) (TV)

    aka Babysitter's Seduction, The (1996) (TV)

  • The Picture of Dorian Gray (1973) (TV)

    [1 article]

    aka Storia della marchesa De Sade (1973) (TV)

    aka Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray (1973) (TV)

    aka Picture of Dorian Gray, The (1973) (TV)

  • If Someone Had Known (1995) (TV)

    [1 article]

    aka Tod im Schlafzimmer (1995) (TV)

    aka Nessuno sapeva (1995) (TV)

    aka If Someone Had Known (1995) (TV)

  • A Family Torn Apart (1993) (TV)

    [1 article]

    aka Sudden Fury: A Family Torn Apart (1993) (TV)

    aka Verzweifelte Wut (1993) (TV)

    aka Family Torn Apart, A (1993) (TV)

  • Alien Dead (1980)

    [5 articles]

    aka It Fell from the Sky (1980)

    aka Swamp of the Blood Leeches (1980)

    aka Alien Dead (1980)