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  • The Ghost and the Guest (1943)

    [1 article]

    aka Lo spettro in viaggio di nozze (1943)

    aka Ghost and the Guest, The (1943)

  • The Lady and the Mob (1939)

    [1 article]

    aka Che succede a San Francisco? (1939)

    aka Lady and the Mob, The (1939)

  • The Lonely Trail (1936)

    [2 articles]

    aka Il sentiero solitario (1936)

    aka Wie vom Winde verweht (1936)

    aka Lonely Trail, The (1936)

  • No Way Out (1950)

    [10 articles]

    aka Uomo bianco tu vivrai! (1950)

    aka Der Haß ist blind (1952)

    aka No Way Out (1950)

    aka Der Haß ist blind (1952)